Friday, April 8, 2016

The Cinematic Bucket List

Having worked my way through so many of the lists of the best films ever made, it occurs to me that though I've seen so many movies, I don't feel that I've ever really gotten the full experience of being a rampant movie nerd.  Oh sure, I've had some fun screening experiences, and made it to Comic-Con once, but there's an awful lot that I feel like I haven't experienced related to movie nerddom.  And it's experiences that I value, more than collecting posters or DVDs or memorabilia.  So I thought I'd make a list - a bucket list, if you will, of all the geeky movie-related things that I'd like to do if I had the time, money, connections, and no responsibilities.

- Watch a movie at a drive in theater
- Watch a movie marathon (at least three films) in a theater
- Watch a movie screened outdoors
- Watch a Rolling Roadshow screening (I almost made it to "The Warriors" at Coney Island in 2006, but got waylaid)
- Watch a movie projected in 70 millimeter (Ideally "Lawrence of Arabia" or "2001: A Space Odyssey" )
- Watch a movie with multiple projection (But do I want to sit through "Napoleon," again?)
- Watch a silent movie with live music
- Watch a movie at a Film-Concert screening
- Watch a movie at a Sing-Along or karaoke screening
- Watch a movie at a D-Box screening
- Watch a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" screening with a live performance group
- Watch a movie at a major film festival (Sundance or Toronto, ideally)
- Watch a movie at a movie premiere (red carpet not necessary)
- Watch a movie as part of a test screening
- Watch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse
- Watch a movie at the Castro Theater
- Watch a movie at Mann's Chinese Theater
- Watch a movie at the Senator Theatre
- Watch a movie at the New Beverly
- Visit the Ghibli Museum
- Visit Cinecittà
- Visit Studio Baselberg
- Visit Ealing Studios
- Visit Mosfilm
- Visit Toho
- Visit PIXAR
- Visit the Museum of the Moving Image
- Visit La Cinémathèque Française
- Visit the London Film Museum
- Visit the Lumiere Institute
- Visit the Hollywood Museum
- Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum
- Take the Paramount Pictures Studio Tour
- Take the Sony Pictures Studio Tour
- Take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour
- Visit the Devil's Tower ("Close Encounters of the Third Kind")
- Visit the Rocky Steps ("Rocky" series)
- Visit the Stanley Hotel in Colorado ("The Shining")
- Get a MoviePass
- Make a wish on the AURYN in Steven Spielberg's office (Does DreamWorks have a studio tour?)

And a couple of things I can already check off:

- Watch a pre-release screening of a movie
- Watch a movie at a midnight screening
- Watch a Circlevision movie
- Watch a movie with an intermission ("Hamlet" (1996))
- Watch an IMAX movie
- Watch a screening of an unfinished movie ("The Passsenger," (1963))
- Watch a 3D movie
- Take the Universal Studios Tour
- Take the Hollywood Studios/MGM Tour
- Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of American History
- Attend Comic-Con


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